Commercial Water, Fire Suppression Pipe and Petro Pipeline Leaks

Nationwide with United Leak Detection


Commercial pipelines and fire suppression companies count on United Leak Detection to find leaks of any size that are costing money and wearing out equipment. We find underground leaks in any water mains including HDPE, fiberglass pipe, C900 and C905, steel, cast  and ductile iron PVC, asbestos cement and more. No matter the depth, no matter where you are. We work nationwide to track down the hardest to find leaks. We can help. Call today to talk to an expert and find out how. We work nationwide to find hard to find leaks in water mains and pipelines that have proven hard to track down.

  HDPE pipe line leak at a corp stop on a

water main was found by United Leak Detection

This leak was 15 feet underground,

under an 8 inch concrete slab

on an industrial site

Plastic and closed loop pipeline? We can Help!

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Petroleum pipeline leaks are found quickly and easily

Helium is a noble gas, and as such is completely inert under normal circumstances. It will not react with air. It is not flammable and is non-toxic. We can detect helium levels as low as several parts per million with our equipment and are confident that with our trained technicians, we will be able to find your leaks quickly and accurately. The small size of a helium gas molecule allows it to quickly find its way through soil, concrete and even asphalt. We can use it to find leaks in the smallest or largest pipelines no matter where the pipeline is located. Helium trace gas leak detection with United Leak Detection may be the answer. Call today to talk to a real person and find out more.

United Leak Detection can help to find leaks in plastic pipelines and water mains including PVC, C900, HDPE, C905, asbestos cement and more.  We find leaks in unique situations and provide solutions when you may have heard that your problem CANNOT be solved. We work with you to provide solutions no matter the circumstances. Call today to talk to a real person about solutions that will allow you to stop looking and guessing and start knowing how to get your system up and running right.