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Why use Helium Gas for Leak Detection?

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Leak detection with helium gas allows for the location of small leaks. We can test while the process is still in operation or during a shutdown. Helium gas is inert and does not need to be voided from a process before the process is put back into production so it can be perfect for petro-chem operations. A quick phone call today and you can talk to an expert who can help you determine if leak detection with helium gas could help. Whether your process is a vacuum process or under pressure, whether you are making ink, plastic, or fractionally distilling anything, we have seen it all, and have solutions to tighten the process to your specifications. We provide services nationwide so call today to start getting help today!

Helium gas or other tracer gas detection can help find leaks in your process

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We can provide outside-in testing. In this type of testing, a helium detector is attached to the process to be tested, and a tight vacuum (up to 10^-8 torr) is drawn, helium is applied to the outside of the vessel to be tested. The detector monitors helium that is drawn into the equipment and through the vacuum to the detector. This technique can work for tube and sheet testing, Pressure vessel testing, vacuum process and distillation testing and more. Call today to find out how we might be able to help.

Inside-out testing is also known as pressure testing. Helium is introduced into the process and a leak “sniffer” is used to find places along the system where the helium is escaping. Helium leak detection can be used to find leaks in most any process where the tightness of the system is a priority.

What parts of a process can helium leak detection test?

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Different leaks require different technology. Process leaks are found a number of different places in the system. Commonly found issues include: O-rings seals, metal gaskets, shut-off valves with through-flowing leaks, internal welds on utility pipes,long chamber welds, and even flange porsity. Often leaks are so severe that pumping down to a required range can be a challenge. We have experience in setting up a test correctly, and executing it. Your testing will be completed and your leaks will be found to your specifications. Often we use helium or other inert gases to get the job done right.

Helium is a noble gas, and as such is completely inert under normal circumstances. It will not react with air. It is not flammable and is non-toxic. We can detect helium levels as low as several parts per million with our equipment and are confident that with our trained technicians, we will be able to find your leaks quickly and accurately. The small size of a helium gas molecule allows it to quickly find its way through soil, concrete and even asphalt. Due to its completely stable form, helium is the best choice for any industrial process from bio-chemical to petro-chemical to food processes trace gas detection with United Leak Detection is the answer.

Helium detection is also fast as well as accurate and those two together equal money saved. Contact United Leak Detection today to get more information about helium leak detection in your processes.

United Leak Detection has other alternatives that can provide cost effective solutions to helium detection, also. The technology works, and might be the perfect solution to your process contamination. Call today to talk to a real person about solutions that will allow you to stop looking and guessing and start knowing how to get your system up and running right.

Helium leak detection for industry, process, petroleum and biotechnology leaks.