Frequently Asked Questions

United Leak Detection & Repair


I think I may have a slab leak in my home. Is there any chance I can find it myself?

Sure. It is certainly possible for you to find a leak under the slab of your home. It is not easy, and the cost for being wrong is substantial. Sometimes with a slab leak on the hot water side of the plumbing, and will feel a warm spot on the floor. That may be where the slab leak is located, but it may not. Sometimes you can hear a noise that sounds like a leak in the wall or under the floor. Especially with copper piping, the sounds may be traveling a good distance through the lines, and the noise may or may not be where the slab leak is located.

How do I know if my swimming pool leaks?

There are many ways to tell that you may have a leak in your pool.

  1. If your auto-fill is running often
  2. You lose more than 1/4 inch of water per day
  3. You have soft spots in grass around the pool
  4. You have soft spots under your pool liner
  5. Your pool or spa has cracks or significant settling

I think my pool is only leaking when the pumps are turned on. Is that possible?

Sure. This typically indicates a leak in a return line of the pool. Water that leaves the pump is not being returned to the pool. Rather it is escaping a hole in a pipe. United Leak can easily pinpoint this type of leak with damage to you pool.

My pool is shooting bubbles out of the returns. What could be the problem?

If the equipment is airtight (the filter and pump etc), there is likely a leak on the suction side of the pump that is causing air to get sucked into the pipes. This type of leak will leak more water when the pump is turned off. United Leak can easily find this leak without damaging your pool.

I am buying a home with a pool, but I want to know if it leaks before I buy the house. Can you help?

Absolutely! Many realtors and homebuyers will turn on a pool and let it run for 5 five minutes to determine if it leaks or not. This can cause major problems to go unnoticed. United Leak Detection can easily examine the entire pool for leaks, and will certify that the pool is leak-free before you purchase the home.

My water bill is really high. What Can I do about it?

United Leak Detection can find your leak and provide options to repair it quickly. We can even show you what you may need to get a credit from the water company!.

Before I call for a leak detection specialist, what can I do to try and find the leak myself?

Turn off all of the faucets, washing machines, dishwashers and toilets on your house. Look at the water meter for your house and it should not be moving at all. If any of the dials are spinning, and they shouldn’t be, you likely have a leak. To check for a toilet leak, place a few drops of food coloring or a little milk in the tank. If after a few minutes,
you find the coloring or milk in the bowl, your toilet flapper valve may need repaired.